Your Life Your Choice

We are a host provider for Your Life Your Choice. We support our clients with caring and understanding staff who have many years of experience working with people with disability and their families.

Our services have been designed to meet the needs of our clients and their families, from basic management of funds to a full support model, ensuring flexibility to allow clients and families as much or as little involvement as they desire.

Our aim is to provide the best possible support and value for money for our clients. We do this by being familiar with the local businesses and services available to people with disability and their families as well as local community organisations. From this we can provide a holistic service linking our clients to all available services (including free services) to maximise their disability support dollars.

Fee Structure

Our fee structure has been set out to provide various options that will allow clients and their families the choice to have as much or as little involvement as they desire in their disability support and how it is managed.

Participant takes Full Responsibility $500 one off fee
Participant takes Some Responsibility $750 per year or 7.5% of the package, whichever is the greater. Capped at $5,000.
Participant takes Little Responsibility $1000 per year or 10% of the package, whichever is the greater. Capped at $10,000.
Intensive and specialist support services that involve 1 on 1 time with our YLYC Consultant $60 per hour

All fees will be clearly set out in the client’s contract and will be explained to the client and family prior to the signing of the contract. Clients will receive a written quote provided during the consultation process.