Youth Programs

We have developed a range of Youth Programs to engage young people in activities that have positive outcomes, enhance their life skills, disrupt patterns of re-offending and increase the strength of support networks through the:

  • Young and Strong Program
  • Youth Mentoring, and
  • Youth Programs.

Young and Strong Program

The Young and Strong Program is a holiday program for young people to engage in activities that have positive outcomes and enhance life skills, for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants.

The program is targeted at youth at risk in the community, between the ages of 12 and 17 years, and who have complex to extremely challenging behaviours that are also subject to statutory interventions. These youth often may have experiences in substance abuse, neglect, anxiety and depression. They are often marginalised from society, disconnected from education, with a high rate of social-emotional issues, and may engage in criminal behaviours.

The program has a high level of cultural content as the program is designed to assist with Indigenous youth to reconnect with their cultural heritage, and allows non-Indigenous youth to learn more about Indigenous culture.

Our goal for the program is to produce long lasting positive behaviours in participants, so that when they leave the camp environment they will carry these lessons and new skills throughout their lives.

The tailored program runs from three-to-five days which will allow focused sessions and rapport building and consist of workshops, guest speakers, fun interactive activities that are themed around the key focus areas.

The key focus areas of the program are:

  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Improved decision making skills
  • Increased levels of life skills, and
  • Behavioural management.

Contact us for referrals to the Young and Strong Program

Youth Mentoring

Our youth mentoring service, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth Mentoring Program, is a pilot program in the Far North Queensland region.

This service utilises a unique strategy to provide a non-coercive community intervention designed to prevent, reduce or stop harm to youth at risk.