Services for Children and Families

Caring for children and keeping them safe is a shared responsibility. We work to deliver the right services families need to raise children who are safe, well, healthy and supported.

A range of services are required to respond to the different levels of support needs of the child or young person and provide stable, quality care within Child Safety Services' case management framework.

We provide Placement Services, Family Intervention Services and Youth Programs.

Placement Services

Our Placement Services provide statutory out-of-home care places (including physical, psychological and emotional care) for children and young people as part of an integrated response, when assessment indicates that separation from their family is unavoidable, to ensure the child's or young person's safety or wellbeing.

The types of Placement Services include:

Family Intervention Service

A Family Intervention Service is also provided for ongoing intervention to a child who is in need of protection when the parents are able and willing to work actively with the department to reduce the level of risk in the home, and a child protection order is not appropriate.

Intervention with parental agreement aims to build the capacity of the family so that following the intervention they are able to meet the child’s protection and care needs. It is generally of a short-term and intensive nature, and it is usual for the child to remain at home for all, or most of, the intervention period.

Youth Programs

We have developed a range of Youth Programs to engage young people in activities that have positive outcomes, enhance their life skills, disrupt patterns of re-offending and increase the strength of support networks.

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