Safe Pathways

Safe Pathways endeavours to provide environments in which children can feel safe and comfortable.

We are committed to providing environments that are homely, loving and safe, and that will allow children to begin their pathway of healing, development and growth.

Our beliefs

We believe that all children have the right to be protected from abuse and harm.

We believe that every child has the right to grow up in their family, in an environment that lovingly meets their physical, mental and emotional needs.

When this is not possible, we believe that out-of-home care services:

  • must be delivered in a warm, responsive, respectful and empathic family-like environment
  • must be child-oriented, child-friendly and the child’s best interests must be paramount in service planning and delivery
  • must seek and incorporate, the child’s input into those practices which impact on the child’s life
  • must be transparent to children, young people, their families, and to regulating and statutory bodies, and
  • must encourage and facilitate the maintenance of the child’s family and kinship relationships, cultural connections and identity.

Our mission, vision and values

Mission Safe Pathways empowers clients and staff to achieve their full potential and realise their goals.
Vision Safe Pathways provides professional, quality and personalised services to our clients by continuously keeping in touch with their needs and tailoring our services accordingly.
Values Safe Pathways provides the best care and support to its clients, through honesty and ethics as guiding principles.

Services for Children and Families