About Us

ITEC Health and Safe Pathways are sister organisations who are working together to provide a wide range of community services in various sectors across Australia.

ITEC Health and Safe Pathways are dedicated to delivering high quality services, aiding people in times of need and as advocates for social inclusion. We provide programs relating to health, disabilities, child safety, families, mental health and more.

We have branch offices, group activities, individual carers and safe homes across Australia.

ITEC Health

ITEC Health delivers Services for People with a Disability and Services for Older People.

We provide age, gender and culturally specific and appropriate support services to people with a disability and older people. These services include Disability Support Services, Aged Care Nursing, In-Home Support, Respite Care, Residential Care, and Community Access and Social Inclusion.

We also provide Staffing Solutions for a wide variety of health facilities of Registered and Enrolled Nurses, and Nursing Assistants through respite services and brokered agreements.

Safe Pathways

Safe Pathways delivers Services for Children and Families. We focus on providing care to children in the Out-of-Home Care System through Foster and Kinship Care Services, Family Intervention Services, Residential Safe House Services and supported-Independent living through the ‘Our House Program’ for young people aged 15-17.

Operational for over 10 years, Safe Pathways is now expanding to offer additional services including holiday programs, mentoring and youth programs.

How we work together

By working together, ITEC Health and Safe Pathways have been able to successfully provide a unique service through creating thoughtful transition planning for young people with a disability who are also under orders with Child Safety.

By working together, we are able to ease the trauma and stress associated with transitioning out of the child protection system and into disability support services, and be able to keep their long term carers and remain in very similar environments.

My Pathway group

We are part of the national My Pathway group of organisations. The My Pathway Group (www.mpath.com.au) aims to build stronger communities through the services we provide in connection with local community and industry alike. My Pathway consists of a group entities that have pioneered service delivery in some of the most remote locations in Australia and have a current service footprint that covers most of Australia. Under the My Pathway banner we provide an extensive range of human services, including:

  • Training, checks and licences
  • Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  • Labour Hire
  • Wage subsidies
  • Post Placement Support and Mentoring
  • Child Safety Services
  • Disability Services
  • Aged Care Services
  • Youth Programs

A little bit more about us

We work closely with many government and non-government organisations throughout Australia.

We are devoted to providing service with respect, dignity and discretion. You have rights and an expectation of Privacy. These are of the utmost importance, learn more here.